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A living gastronomic proposal from the hand of Chef Jordi Plancheria. The Barclonian Chef, with more than ten years of experience in the sector, has a degree in kitchen management and has a master’s degree in cooking in haute cuisine, executive and creative, has specialized in haute cuisine and avant-garde, preserving the essence of traditional cuisine and flavors, with the utmost respect for the product, and admiration for traditional Catalan and regional Spanish cuisine.

His professional career as a chef begins in different restaurants with a Michelin Star in the Empordà area, where he lives and works for a long period of time, thus expanding his knowledge of product and avant-garde cuisine.

His beginnings begin when he was little, between stoves, in the family restaurant Ca La Pagesa, owned by four generations, where his grandparents and parents have been an example to follow in terms of dedication and profession. Since his childhood, he has been building a gastronomic memory that he defines as memory of the senses, based on the culinary memory of his roots, as the first inspiration, until he came to the creation of gastronomic proposals that combine tradition and avant-garde cuisine.

This encyclopaedia of flavours, which he has been building since its inception, the culinary inspiration of his travels, his training, and experience in Michelin Star restaurants, as well as respect he feels for the product, has led him to define his own style. An impeccable staging, cooked with a good quality product, a current presentation, and the use of haute cuisine techniques, define its culinary proposals in a lively gastronomy.

"Taste, aroma and healthy benefits”


Returning to nature means recovering tradition as part of the evolution process. A fusion cuisine of flavours, between the Mediterranean and all parts of the world, that avoids processed products and prepares a proposal with seasonal, natural and fresh products.

As well as the incorporation of new foods with healthy properties. While, through live cooking, we awaken the gastronomic desire, which makes the event spark.


Let yourself be impressed!

The kitchen team prepares the gastronomic proposals completely tailored and adapts to each event or celebration.

Brain food, real food, healthy food, finger food, experiential gastronomy, multicultural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free…


Recreate the typical markets of Barcelona with gastronomic stalls with different culinary proposals made with local products or street food stalls from all over the world, filling the space with food trucks or other options.

Our commitment and respect towards our clients represent complying with Food Safety. Health Registry 26.014336 / B Issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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